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Nicolette Krebitz - filmography

5 May 2017

Film 12906 small 1
Richard the Stork
Directed by: Toby Genkel, Reza Memari
Cast: Tilman Döbler, Christian Gaul, Nicolette Krebitz
Category: adventure / animation

Join a herd of gorgeous birds and travel with them - on wings, by bus, by train and by boat - to great adventure. Here is the amazing story of a sparrow adopted by storks who, despite their size, bans... more

26 May 2016

Film 11217 small 1
Directed by: Nicolette Krebitz
Cast: Lilith Stangenberg, Georg Friedrich, Silke Bodenbender
Category: drama

Back to nature is not always oil for the soul. Sometimes it can be a destructive event. That was for Ani - the young, the lost girls trying to function normally. He has some unspecified job, an apartment... more

27 January 2012

Film 8344 small 1
Lollipop Monster
Directed by: Ziska Riemann
Cast: Nicolette Krebitz, Jella Haase

Seks, bunt i pokusa. Uśpione szaleństwo.

Ari i Oona. Dwie nastolatki, żyjące w dwóch „popapranych“ rodzinach. Ari - tania podróbka Marylin Monroe i Oona - młodsza wersja Niny Hagen. Dzieli je... more

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